hub blind camera mounts

Start filming your hunts with the Hub Blind Camera Mount. Clamp the mounts to your blind's support rods and hit record.

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hub blind shelf

Off the ground and out of the way. The Hub Blind Shelf is designed to keep your gear organized and at an arm's reach. Available in a 3-pack.

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Small game carrier

The only way to carry your small game kill. Simply place the legs through the noose and pull. Perfect for turkey and coyotes.

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fan display

no more rotting feathers

A quick and easy way to mount your turkey fan. Whether it's your hunting cabin, man cave, or living room; the Turkey Fan Jig will preserve the integrity of your trophy with style.

American made E-Bike



Weighing in at 70lbs. This is the lightest e-bike in the hunting market.

higher quality components

Built as a high end mountain bike with all the necessary components to get you deep in the timber. This bike can be recognized at any local bike shop.

Built by Hunters for hunters

Our bike comes stock with all of the accessories you will want and need for your hunting adventures.